Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP

Comments from our visitor's book:

We love reading the messages left in our Visitors Book.

Here are a few from visitors around the world in 2018:

  • Wonderful windows shining even on a dull day

  • Unbelievable gem!

  • Magnificent windows - glorious colours

  • Peaceful, tranquil, beautiful church

  • Ethereal Beauty! "C'est magnifique"

  • So glad to have finally made it here

  • Fond memories of my Aunt who visited here many years ago

    and drew me to this place of peace

  • Tres belle eglise Merci

  • Praise the Lord!

  • It's truly a treasure! Fabulous

  • Never fails to take my breath away - colours on the

    stone floor in sunshine

  • So moved by story and beauty of the windows. Such glorious


  • A stunningly beautiful church. The windows are absolutely

    breathtaking. What an amazing place.

  • Wunderschoene Glasfenster!

  • Thank you for this vision of peace

  • Astonishing treasurers

  • Always love to visit and see the different light

From 2016:

  • So pleasant and peaceful

  • One of the most spiritually inspiring churches

  • Wow! Breathtaking

  • Very moving experience

  • A beautiful place for contemplation

  • Breathtakingly inspiring in all its colours

  • A lovely experience which we will always remember

  • So pleased we came on my birthday. Beautiful!

  • A very special place of worship

  • We had heard about this wonderful place - why did it take us so long to come?  We say it in all its glory in full sunshine.

  • Fabulous. A prayerful place.

  • Stunning stained glass in a lovely church set in beautiful surroundings

  • What a beautiful, peaceful, hidden treasure

  • Stunning Stained Glass by Marc Chagall! Thank you for keeping this sacred place open to us all. It is so uplifting and beautiful.

  • Came to see the beautiful windows. Overwhelmed with their visual impact. Sublime.

  • The windows have given me 45 minutes of peace, beauty and reflection.

  • A gem of a holy place to visit.

  • Absolutely  wonderful. A joy to behold.

  • A beautiful place of God's peace

  • When you walk through the door you gasp with wonder

  • A beautiful setting in it's simplicity for the exquisite beauty of these wonderful windows

  • Eine schöne kirchen mit wunderbaren Fenstern

  • Ich bin überwältigt.

  • Tief beeindruckt

  • Welch wohltuende Farben

  • Lerchtende Farben und wunderbare Erklärungen

  • Très bon

  • "ç'est magnifique Chagall!"

  • Une magnifique église qui appelle an recueillement de très beau vitraux

  • une merveilleuse visite de ce lieu très fort

  • Otroligt!