Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP

information from our visitor's book:

We welcome thousands of visitors from all over the UK as well as from around the world to this little church each year.

In 2018 we received visitors from the following 46 countries:

Armenia Greece Norway
Australia Hawaii Peru
Austria Hong Kong Poland
Belgium Hungary Portugal
Brazil Ireland Russia
Bulgaria Israel Serbia & Montenegro
Canada Italy South Africa
China Japan South Sudan
Columbia Jersey Spain
Cyprus Korea Sweden
Czech Republic Latvia Switzerland
Denmark Malta Tanzania
Ecuador Mauritius Tenerife
Finland Netherlands USA
France New Zealand Zimbabwe

We love reading the messages written in our Visitors Book.

Here are a few from visitors around the world in 2018:

  • Wonderful windows shining even on a dull day

  • Unbelievable gem!

  • Magnificent windows - glorious colours

  • Peaceful, tranquil, beautiful church

  • Ethereal Beauty! "C'est magnifique"

  • So glad to have finally made it here

  • Fond memories of my Aunt who visited here many years ago

    and drew me to this place of peace

  • Tres belle eglise Merci

  • Praise the Lord!

  • It's truly a treasure! Fabulous

  • Never fails to take my breath away - colours on the

    stone floor in sunshine

  • So moved by story and beauty of the windows. Such glorious


  • A stunningly beautiful church. The windows are absolutely

    breathtaking. What an amazing place.

  • Wunderschoene Glasfenster!

  • Thank you for this vision of peace

  • Astonishing treasurers

  • Always love to visit and see the different light

From 2016:

  • So pleasant and peaceful

  • One of the most spiritually inspiring churches

  • Wow! Breathtaking

  • Very moving experience

  • A beautiful place for contemplation

  • Breathtakingly inspiring in all its colours

  • A lovely experience which we will always remember

  • So pleased we came on my birthday. Beautiful!

  • A very special place of worship

  • We had heard about this wonderful place - why did it take us so long to come?  We say it in all its glory in full sunshine.

  • Fabulous. A prayerful place.

  • Stunning stained glass in a lovely church set in beautiful surroundings

  • What a beautiful, peaceful, hidden treasure

  • Stunning Stained Glass by Marc Chagall! Thank you for keeping this sacred place open to us all. It is so uplifting and beautiful.

  • Came to see the beautiful windows. Overwhelmed with their visual impact. Sublime.

  • The windows have given me 45 minutes of peace, beauty and reflection.

  • A gem of a holy place to visit.

  • Absolutely  wonderful. A joy to behold.

  • A beautiful place of God's peace

  • When you walk through the door you gasp with wonder

  • A beautiful setting in it's simplicity for the exquisite beauty of these wonderful windows

  • Eine schöne kirchen mit wunderbaren Fenstern

  • Ich bin überwältigt.

  • Tief beeindruckt

  • Welch wohltuende Farben

  • Lerchtende Farben und wunderbare Erklärungen

  • Très bon

  • "ç'est magnifique Chagall!"

  • Une magnifique église qui appelle an recueillement de très beau vitraux

  • une merveilleuse visite de ce lieu très fort

  • Otroligt!