Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP

Lent Series 2019

Inspired to Follow:  Art and the Bible Story

Created by St Martin-in-the-Fields
in partnership 
with the National Gallery.


Everyone is invited to join us during Lent for this series of illustrated talks and reflections based on paintings in the National Gallery


This course has been designed to assist people explore the Christian faith, using paintings and the associated Biblical narrative as starting points for group discussions and to help us develop our own further thoughts.

Ø  How can I deepen my faith in God?

Ø  What does it mean to follow Jesus today?


The first five sessions will be held at Five Oak Green Church with the final session at All Saints Church, Tudeley.  In order to help as many members of the community to attend, the programme has differing days and times – so look carefully at the table below. 



Theme and  Painting


Wed 13th Mar  8.00pm

Baptism of Christ 

                       Giovanni Paolo


Mark 1: 1-12


Mrs Susie Pinder

Tue 19th Mar

3.00 pm

Christ in the house of Mary and Marth.            Diego Valasquez


Luke 10: 25-42


Rev Wendy Swan

Mon 25th Mar


Christ driving the traders from the Temple          El Greco


Mark 11: 4-12 & 15-19

Rev Jeremy Ive

Thur 4th Apr


Christ washing the feet of his disciples          Jacob Tintorello


John 13: 1-17


Mr John Ellis

Wed 10th Apr

8.00 pm


The Agony in the Garden

                      Giovanni Bellini


Matthew 26:

36 – 54

Rev Pamela Ive

Thur 18th Apr


All Saints, Tudeley

Christ before the High Priest

                      Gerritvan Honthorst


Matthew 26:

57 - 68


Each session will last no longer than 90 minutes.

Refreshments available 15 minutes before the start of each session.

You are welcome to attend all, some or just one of the sessions