Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP

Please help us keep the church open:

Dear Visitor,

We are the custodians of major international artworks. We also have a Norman building to take care of - and there are two other churches in the parish.

Maintaining our church with its unique art work costs around £250 a day.

So if you feel able to help us with a donation - no matter how small - we shall be very grateful indeed. 

You can make a donation by visiting our Shop/Donate page or:

  • send a cheque payable to Tudeley cum Capel ECC to:

    Church Office
    Five Oak Green United Church
    Badsell Road
    Five Oak Green
    Kent  TN12 6QY

  • make a payment by Bank Transfer:

    National Westminster Bank PLC
    130 High Street
    Tonbridge  TN9 1DE
    Account:   Tudeley-cum-Capel ECC
    Sortcode:   60-21-28
    Account No:  71345019

Thank you.

You will have the pleasure of knowing that you have helped to maintain a lovely building, a place of spiritual peace, and the site of Chagall's masterpieces.


The Chagall Window Preservation Trust

Chloë Teacher writes:

"We can marvel at the Chagall windows at Tudeley but we must be aware of the need to maintain them. A detailed study has been prepared by Léonie Seliger of the Cathedral Studios, Canterbury, which identifies problems that need addressing now and highlights future inevitable maintenance requirements.  

A small group of us is in the process of creating a structure which will concern itself with the continued welfare of the windows and their immediate surrounds. Any funds collected will be designated as being for the upkeep of the Chagall glass at All Saints' Tudeley.

Please help ensure that what we enjoy today will be available to enjoy tomorrow."

You can download a brochure about the Chagall Window Preservation Trust.

Donate to The Chagall Window Preservation Trust: