Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP


All Saints' Tudeley is open for services
from Easter Sunday, 4th April

The church remains CLOSED to visitors

Please view the church calendar below 
when arranging a visit to the church
to avoid other events and bookings

This Calendar is kept up to date for
all bookings and events for:

All Saints' Church; the Arnold Cooke Hall; Five Oak Green Church

  • Only events at All Saints' Church are applicable when checking availability for visits to the church.  The church is open daily to visitors Monday to Sunday during daylight hours unless otherwise indicated.

  • Group visits can take place on any day of the year avoiding other bookings/events.
    The calendar is displayed in "Agenda" view which only shows  dates which have an event. Click "Month" at the top of the calendar to view all the days in a month.

  • Individuals are welcome to visit the church alongside a group visit and visitors are welcome to join us for our Sunday Services.
    However, p
    lease avoid visiting the church during weddings and funerals. 

  • Concert details can be displayed by either clicking on the event or for more information click the Concert tab on the right.


The calendar view displayed only shows date with an event,
Click "Month" to view all dates in a month.