Capel United Church

Tudeley Capel and Five Oak Green LEP

Thanksgiving SErvice 

for the birth of a child 


Baptism/ christening services*

(*The two words mean the same thing.)

Anybody asking for baptism in our church must have a Prayer of Thanksgiving before the baptism.  We regret we cannot baptise children from outside the parish; this reflects agreed policy with neighbouring parishes and wider Church of England Canon Law.  

A child should be baptised in the parish in which he or she is living as it is that parish which has pastoral care for the child growing up in the Christian faith. The only exception to this is when parents are regular worshippers at Tudeley or Five Oak Green.

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Thanksgiving /service for the birth of a child


To arrange Thanksgiving and Baptism services
please contact:

Revd Dr Jeremy Ive   

 Email   *

01892 836653