Tudeley cum Capel with Five Oak Green LEP

Visiting times

All Saints' Church Tudeley is open every day... 

... except when in use for religious or other events.

Opening times are during daylight hours:

Winter:   9:30am - 4pm   (after the clocks go back)

9:30am - 6pm   (after the clocks go forward)

Please note there are no toilet facilities in the church. 

Please respect our neighbours by NOT disturbing them under any circumstances, including the church being locked and using their toilet facilities.

If you find the church closed during opening hours please contact the Vicarage, 01892 836653. 

Please avoid visiting during funerals and weddings.  These can be checked on our calendar.

For more information on visiting the church go to About Your Visit.

Which door?
Occasionally visitors have thought the church was locked because they went to the wrong door.

Entrance is by the south door:

Push the glass door at the front of the porch inwards. Go to the big wooden door inside: turn the handle clockwise, and push - in wet weather, this ancient door can swell up and stick, so it may need an extra heave.