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Is the church open?

All Saints Tudeley is open every day... 

... except when in use for religious or other events.

Opening times are during daylight hours:

Winter:   9am - 4pm   (after the clocks go back)
9am - 6pm   (after the clocks go forward)

Please don't phone us to ask 'Is the church really open?'. We will only look at the same What's on? page as you.

When the church is closed, please don't disturb our neighbours in the nearby houses. They are not associated with the church - they just happen to live there!

When the church is NOT open:

The only things likely to interfere with your visit are:

 - regular church services (Sundays and Monday mornings)
weddings (generally Saturdays) 
 - funerals (unpredictable for obvious reasons)
 - concerts (generally on Friday or Saturday evenings)
visiting groups and coaches (see this page)

You can check if any events are planned on our What's on? page.

Which door?
Occasionally visitors have thought the church was locked because they went to the wrong door.

Entrance is by the south door:

Push the glass door at the front of the porch inwards. Go to the big wooden door inside: turn the handle clockwise, and push - in wet weather, this ancient door can swell up and stick, so it may need an extra heave.