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All Saints’ Tudeley

All Saints' Church, Tudeley, Tonbridge TN11 0NZ.

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All Saints Tudeley from the South

Here are details on visiting the church and our opening times.


From 24th July to November 2017 repairs are taking place to the internal walls in the chancel area (the front) of the church. 

The Church will remain open to visitors.

There will be long periods where there are no workmen on site as the lime plaster has to dry out between coats.  There will be limited access to the chancel area, but this will be kept to an absolute minimum, especially whilst the walls are drying out & there are no workmen on site. There will be no work taking place at weekends, although there may be slightly reduced access to the chancel area this will be kept to a minimum and it should generally be possible to view all the windows. 

Proposed Timetable of works:

  • For a couple of weeks from 24th July, the current plaster will be removed which will create some dust & noise (this job will be done by hand, not machinery).  The contractors will aim to reduce or even stop work whilst coach parties are in the church, but obviously the work will need to be done.  There will be restricted access to the chancel area, but it should be possible to view all the windows.

  • The walls will then be re-plastered with extensive periods of drying out in between when there will be no work occurring in the church, however only a section of the chancel will be accessible to prevent the walls being damaged but it should be possible to view all the windows.

  •  Scaffolding will be erected during November for painting of the chancel. This will restrict the viewing of 5 out of 12 windows (including the main window).



All Building Work is now completed and the scaffolding has been removed.

 All Saints Church, Tudeley received a significant grant from the Listed Places of Worship Roof Fund, a generous donation from the Wolfson Foundation, managed through ChurchCare, alongside generous donations from members of our congregation,  local residents and visitors.  Thank you all.  

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